Dealing with Big Employers upon Termination

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When you are fired from a large national or international company, the initial reaction is all too often that the proposed termination and severance pay package is the best that you'll ever see, and if you were to fight for more, your former employer would deploy their over-priced team of legal experts to quash your efforts to get what you are rightly entitled to. However, you shouldn't be dissuaded from at least having your termination and severance offer reviewed by a knowledgeable lawyer, which is your legal right and a stated expectation of your former employer (although there hope is that your lawyer doesn't dig too deep and discover the inadequacies of their exit package).

Employee terminations are largely driven by financial decisions, determined by corporate executives and financial experts, who are attempting to optimize profits and limit costs. And in these fiscal calculations, an ex-employee provides no further positive contribution towards the company's bottom line. As such, their termination and severance pay packages tend to be kept as low as possible, while seeking to avoid disincentivizing current and future employees or exposing the company to employment litigation that could prove harmful. Yet even than, the dynamics of employment litigation make commencing with lowball offers an overall financial winner, given how many former employees will accept the initial offer or even a slightly improved offer, such that there is little concern for these large national and international companies.

Given this reality, it is quite likely that you've been offered a wholly inadequate termination and severance pay package, such that you would be well served to have it reviewed by a knowledgeable lawyer and obtain an honest assessment as to what you might be able to obtain and how the lawyer would go about pursuing it. And even though these giant corporate entities will have sought to insulate themselves against their terminated employees, through the initial investigation, it is often possible to identify legitimate legal avenues to more effectively pursue increased termination pay and severance pay.

For even though these enormous national and multinational corporations have large payroll, human resource and legal departments, that does not prevent them from making mistakes and thereby providing ourselves with the legal leverage to effectively counter their highly inadequate offers to their departing employees. What is essential is knowing where to look and what to look for, such that we might reverse the advantage that these large corporations believe they enjoy and thereby utilize their size against them.

So if you aren't satisfied with your former employer's original payout or you're harboring regrets about its possible inadequacy, or if you're simply seeking some legal perspective (or a second opinion) prior to committing to the current proposal, do not hesitate to contact Christopher Neufeld at or 403-400-4092.


Large Employer Terminations:
Just because they are big, it doesn't mean they are right

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