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In Alberta, back pay is probably the most overlooked aspect when reviewing your former boss' exit pay package upon being fired / terminated from your job; however, it is also potentially the most consequential, given the increased possibility of significant underpayment issues in the province of Alberta. And part of the reason for this is the overwhelming emphasis upon reviewing the termination pay in lieu of notice and severance pay in one's termination and severance package, while failing to take the opportunity to also review the employee's prior pay and insuring that it was full paid in conformity with the Alberta Employment Standards Code - given that almost no employee has done this while they were employed, as it would potentially jeopardize their job if they found something wrong and proceeded to challenge their boss on what would effectively be a company-wide underpayment issue, while at the time of your firing, almost everyone is exclusively focused upon their termination and severance pay, with almost no one telling you to expand your review process.

Back pay that you are legally entitled to can be quite substantial, however, it also tends to be difficult to identify because of its complexity and legal specificity, which changes from jurisdiction to jurisdiction (especially in Canada, where different provinces have differing employment standards legislation that can result in considerable swings in pay obligations and thus back pay). Back pay is legally earned money from one's employment which should have been paid absent the failure of one's employer to correctly calculate those payments in accordance with the Alberta Employment Standards Code, having instead utilized calculations that are applicable in another jurisdiction, such that necessary components are not properly added in or otherwise computed.

The importance of back pay can be particularly significant as it can represent tens of thousands of dollars of underpayments or non-payments from one's employer. It is even more important when an employee has been fired, terminated or quit their job, and if they don't act they could potentially lose their back pay, which is legally earned money that the employee is entitled to, yet their former boss has not paid them. Alberta is particularly susceptible to employees being due back pay, with numbers actually being in excess of a hundred thousand dollars; however, the challenge is in discerning the existance of these miscalculations and legally advancing one's position for optimal results and in conformity with the Alberta Employment Standards Code.

The facts and circumstances of your particular employment situation are absolutely critical to whether or not there may exist back pay that is legally due to yourself. For that very reason, we will undertake a free review and advise yourself as to whether or not the particular facts and circumstances related to your past employment pay presents the legal basis to pursue back pay, as well as whether or not you qualify for our contingency fee payment arrangement.

So if you're looking for a lawyer to provide a distinct approach to reviewing and pursuing back pay, commonly in conjunction with your pursuit of a superior termination and severance pay-out, or your looking for a second opinion, do not hesitate to contact Christopher Neufeld at or 403-400-4092.

* If you've recently accepted a termination and severance pay package, and only now are you realizing that you may have taken considerably less than what you deserved, we may still be able to assist you. Even if its been years since you lost that particular job and you are now questioning whether or not you might owed money from your former boss, contact us to see what options might be available to yourself, given that the Alberta Employment Standards Code does provide some very significant employee pay protections that not only most Alberta employees, but apparently most Alberta employment lawyers, are unaware of.

Are You Owed Back Pay?

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